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Update on Fortress Mountain Holdings(FMH) selling mountain creek water. In October, 2019 FMH in Kananaskis Alberta was granted an amendment to their water licence that allows them to sell up to 50million litres of water per year from the heart of Prov. Parks.…/fortress-mountain-cannabis-water-deal-… Some new information: I obtained a publicly available lobbyist record.… The record confirms that Hal Danchilla has been, and currently is, a paid lobbyist on behalf of Fortress Mountain Holdings. Hal Danchillas’ website bio states: “Almost every political event in Alberta over the last 30 years has been shaped, advised, managed, directed or informed by Hal Danchilla. He has managed leadership and election campaigns nationally, provincially and locally including as a Chief of Staff and political advisor during the Klein administration…the leadership and national campaign for Stockwell Day and the Canadian Alliance, and most recently a trusted advisor and campaign strategist for Jason Kenney.” The document confirms Mr. Danchilla started lobbying on behalf of FMH on April 11, 2018 and is an active and current lobbyist for FMH. He lobbied "Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Legislative Assembly, Alberta Culture and Tourism and the Executive Council" on behalf of FMH.  I’ll be the first to admit that there is nothing wrong with hiring a lobbyist. However: Miranda Rosins (MLA) said: ”The decision (to grant FMH water amendment) was not made with any politics involved, and in fact was not even made by the Minister of Environment and Parks. Water application authorization is made by Environment and Parks staff as delegated under the Water Act. These individuals work at arms length to the government...” Miranda says this was not a political decision. Hal Danchillas' involvement says otherwise. @votemirandarosin @mirandaarosin @kpowcatskiing How was this not a political decision with a lobbyist influencing 4 branches of government on behalf of FMH in regards to this water licence amendment? December 19, 2019 ♥47  ✉28

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