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Courses and Trips

Snowfall Lodge

The sister lodge to Icefall, sits deep in the Selkirk Range on the upslope (snowy) side of Rogers Pass.  Glaciers, old growth tree skiing, alpine bowls....I can't wait!


  • Jan16-23, 2021 (0 spaces)

Price: $3000 +/-5%
Location: Selkirk Range between Rogers P. and Reve. Heli departs from Revelstoke, B.C

Vista Lodge - Golden Alpine Holidays

Best Alpine terrain out of the 4 GAH lodges (in my opinoin).  Super chill lodge and forces you, in a good way, to step back in time a bit while you haul water and actually visit with people instead of staring at your phone (no wifi).   


  • February 27-Marh6th, 2021 (0 spaces)

Price: +/- $2800
Location: Golden, BC

Modern Navigation

Maximise your day in the mountains.   How many times have we all gone up the wrong drainage, been slightly off line on the way down, not time estimated properly and were unable to acheive the objective....well no more!

New addition for 2020 is having the full classroom day and field day spread out by a week.  This allows you guys to really get a handle on the tools with assigned (short and simple) homework through the week so that during the field day you can truely focus on the *application* of the tools/knowledge.   

After this course you will be able to: 

-Plan a backcountry ski/split route on your laptop
-Execute that route in the field on your phone app or traditional gps
-Understand the difference between a GPS waypoint, route and track.  When to use which one.
-Track your day in the field and transfer that track to your laptop (Caltopo/Google Earth)
-Perform efficient and accurate pre-trip time estimating
-Print a hardcopy map from Caltopo
-Identify skiable vs. non skiable terrain on your laptop
-Confidently make time based decisions in the field
-Have a strategy and tool box for mountain navigation and landmarking ski runs in the field *without* phone/gps
-Understand the strengths and weaknesses of different navigational tools(phone/GPS, Altimeter, photos, map, compass, watch, fieldbook, Etc) & when to use what tool.  A hammer is a great tool, but not when a screw needs to be turned...
Join us to maximise your flow & enjoyment on your mountain adventures and be confident exploring new terrain!


  • Dec.5/12, 2020 (8 spaces)

Price: $275
Location: Calgary classroom & Rockies field day

The Shred List!

The concept is simple; add your name to the Shred List and whenever conditions are prime, we go skiing.  

Guided trips are great, but one negative is that they are usually scheduled far in advance.  Sometimes the conditions for that scheduled trip are less than ideal.  Yea, yea, we make the most of it and choose appropriate objectives for the conditions, blah, blah, blah.  Wouldn't it be rad if we just shredded when it was good?!  I keep a close eye on conditions all winter.  Oooh, just snowed 15 cms in Little Yoho and Emerald slide path looks mint, lets skip work and get first tracks on a wednesday, or danger is low and it's going to be bluebird and cold - great for an attempt on the Cirque Peak Couloir loop.  When conditions are mint I'll send out an email to those on the Shred List. If we get 3 people to sign up, then we go shred!


  • Whenever conditions are prime! (8 spaces)

Price: $150
Location: Rockies

Valkyr Lodge

Amazing Family build and run lodge.  Chill terrain, get-rad terrain, indoor shower, unreal sauna, incredible hosts, lifes' good in the Valkyr Range.


  • Feb. 20-27, 2022 (0 spaces)

Price: $3100 +/-5%
Location: Southern Selkirks

Selkirk Lodge

Alpine, glaciers, tree skiing, Selkirk Lodge has a spacial place in my memories.  I"ve been coming here for 15+ years.  They're now offering shorter trips for those who find the typical 8 day trips a bit much.  4 full fays of skiing, 2 Guides and fully catered. 


  • January 11-15, 2022 (0 spaces)

Price: TBD
Location: Selkirk Range, between Rogers Pass and Revelstoke

Selkirk Lodge

This is the perfect time of year to enjoy the massive alpine and glaciated expanse that is Selkirk Lodge. 


  • April 9-16, 2022 (12 spaces)

Price: TBD
Location: Selkirk Lodge-between Rogers Pass and Revelstoke, BC

Sentry Lodge

The one and only Sentry Lodge. Best in class lodge amenities, tons of chill space, huge boot room, running hot&cold water in the lodge, endless tree skiing as well as alpine circuits.  I love this place!


  • Jan27 - Feb3rd, 2024 (12 spaces)

Price: TBD
Location: Esplanade Range of the Selkirks - heli departs from Golden BC

Sentry Lodge

Huge lodge, sauna, hot&cold running water, indoor pee facilites, hige chill area, yoga stretching nook, the lodge is devine.  The skiing as even better!  endless tree skiing, as well as alpine curcuits.   


  • Feb. 10-17th, 2024 (12 spaces)

Price: TBD
Location: Esplanade Range of the Selkirks - heli departs from Golden BC