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The Shred List!

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Shred List day trips are Rockies based ski/split tours.  A big issue with typical day tours is you get folks with different abilities/fitness levels and it's frustrating for guests when a 2000m crusher and someome wanting a chill 600m day are on the same tour.  To fix this issue, I rate all my tours to give a general idea about expected vertical to be skied/ridden that day;  Green:400-700m, Blue:700-1000m, Black:1000-1500+m, Double black: same vert as black, but with glaciated objectives, summits, couloirs etc.  Choose your day and rest asured of folks with similar motivations being on your team that day.  To add to the guest experience, I cap numbers at 6 guests for green/blue/black and 4 max on double black days!  

The 'fine-print': 1) Should you have a COVID related schedule disruption, you can move to another day, *this season*, at any point in time.  2) Full cash refund up until 10 days prior.  3) Inside of 10 days, no cash refund, but you can move to another day to accommodate a COVID related schedule conflict.  If another day doesn't work for you, you would forfit your $$.  If you cancell less than 10 days but I"m able to fill the day, then I"m happy to give you a full refund.  4) While i'm mandating proof of COVID vaccination for my lodge & overnight trips I am not mandating for Shred List days.   However, if I"m proposing a loop-style trip that requires a car shuttle, then I will ask for Vacc proof.  Conditions: If forecast high temp is -20 or colder (location specific forcast) or if 2 or more of the 3 avalanche zones (alpine/Treeline/BTL) are 'High' or 'Extreme', the day will be postponed or cancelled with full refund.   Eagerly anticipating shredding with all of you! 

Dec28blue-sold out, Dec30th blue-sold out, Jan1blue-1 spot, Sunday Jan2nd black-sold out, Saturday Jan15th-black sold out, Saturday Jan22nd green-sold out.  More dates will be added as the season progresses (Last updated Dec.22/21)



  • see description above for dates/availability (6 spaces)

Price: $160-green/blue/black, $225 Double black
Location: Rockies (Kananaskis, 93south, Lake Louise, Yoho, 93North)

Valkyr Lodge

Amazing Family build and run lodge.  Chill terrain, get-rad terrain, indoor shower, unreal sauna, incredible hosts, lifes' good in the Valkyr Range.


  • Feb. 20-27, 2022 (0 spaces)

Price: $3600
Location: Southern Selkirks

Sentry Lodge

The one and only Sentry Lodge. Best in class lodge amenities, tons of chill space, huge boot room, running hot&cold water in the lodge, endless tree skiing as well as alpine circuits.  I love this place!


  • Jan27 - Feb3rd, 2024 (0 spaces)

Price: TBD
Location: Esplanade Range of the Selkirks - heli departs from Golden BC

Sentry Lodge

Huge lodge, sauna, hot&cold running water, indoor pee facilites, hige chill area, yoga stretching nook, the lodge is devine.  The skiing as even better!  endless tree skiing, as well as alpine curcuits.   


  • Feb. 10-17th, 2024 (0 spaces)

Price: TBD
Location: Esplanade Range of the Selkirks - heli departs from Golden BC

Vista Lodge

Stunning Alpine terrain in this rustic lodge nestled in the Esplanade Range of the Selkirk Mountains north of Golden, BC.  The sister lodge and nextdoor neibour to Sentry Lodge.   


  • January 28-Feb4th, 2023 (0 spaces)
  • April 1-8, 2023 (5 spaces)

Price: ~$3500 TDB
Location: Vista Lodge

Snowfall Lodge

Old growth tree skiing, alpine, Glaciers all within a massive snowbelt...can't wait! 


  • Jan.29 - Feb.5th, 2021 (0 spaces)
  • Jan.14-21, 2023 (0 spaces)

Price: $3700
Location: Revelstoke, BC