neil warren ski guiding



"I was impressed on the great snow and lines you found for us in what I was expecting to be poor skiing.  Excellent guiding!"

-Tom E, Vista Lodge guest

"Alison and I would like to echo our accolades as well on a week that was at first challenging and then just got better and better.  Neil, you did a fantastic job leading us and nailing the snow and lines for us!  You even managed to  show a few of us jack-asses a challenging and amazing week that we thought wasn’t possible. We look forward to many more times together!!

-Darrell, Vista Lodge guest

"I would also like to throw my thanks and praise in here too. Neil, I was super impressed with your plannning, decisions, candor and attitude. You made it a truly amazing week! Im already dreaming about future snowy adventures."

Joe S., Vista Lodge guest.

"Hey Neil,
I'm still coming down from the weekends high. I show our pictures to anyone who will stand still long enough and I also tell them about this amazing guide who got us there and back. Our trip ended way too abruptly for me to be able to let you know what this weekend did for me and the key role you played. I knew I'd be the weak link of the bunch so that part didn't phase me. I also knew I'd be nervous and therefore a bit whiny and childish at times. What I didn't figure on is being transported right back to about age 5 where true terror takes over and then elation hits when the inevitable horror doesn't manifest after all. Heading into my 50th bday this was the perfect gift.

I don't know if you realize what a true teacher you are. You instilled confidence (without any false bravado) when it was needed to push me and then you quickly found a gentler quiet way when you recognized I was slightly over the edge. You carefully assessed the possible obstacles and left those that were an appropriate challenge and took care of the ones that would only lead to frustration. All this was done without belittlement towards me or self aggrandizing on your part.

I often talk about the qualities I admire in a true teacher and in my life I feel I can count three truly great ones.......and now I think I will be adding you to this list.

I am already plotting my fitness schedule so that next year without the irrational fear and a bit more strength I can just simply enjoy the glory of the back country.

Maybe I am still delirious from the mountain high and this is all just a bunch of bull shit but before the glow wears off and I come back to reality I thought I'd send this note of thanks.

Brenda" (Grand Prairie)


"Thanks for a fantastic weekend, I truly enjoyed all of it and came away learning a tonne.  I'll be forever grateful for you imparting that knowledge.  I can't think of anything to add or subtract - it was really fantastic!!  Thanks a tonne and really great job of the course design for mixing interactivity and for reinforcing our decision making."

-Pam, Advanced Avalanche course participant.


"Thanks again for the trip - we had a great time, you really made the most out of the situation with all the limitations (in the end hardly seemed like limitations at all, given the lines we were able to ski!)"

-Jan, Asulkan Hut trip participant


"Thanks again for an incredible course. Your teaching style is one of the best I have come across in dozens of courses over the years. I really learned alot and am super stoked to get out and apply it!"

-Ian, Avalanche student.